You Can Access Your Intuition by Using Tarot Cards Even If You Know Absolutely Nothing About Tarot

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Tarot cards and other types of divination are simply ways to access your intuition - or higher wisdom as many call it - where you can get valuable insights and solve problems.

Unlike the linear left-brain who works by using logic and analysis, the right-brain, the seat of your intuition uses feeling, impression, pictures and symbols to communicate to you. It works by recognizing patterns and distilling separate parts into a whole--the reason that so many intuitive flashes are 'AHA' moments.

Because Tarot cards also speak through the language of symbol and image, they are particularly well-suited to be a pathway to your intuition... or the higher wisdom you carry within.

Tarot cards enable you to cut through the 'noise' so you can 'hear' your intuition's messages.

Hello, my name is Ellen Zucker. In this no-obligation, *absolutely FREE* e-course, I teach you fun and easy ways to access your intuition by using Tarot cards.

No prior Tarot knowledge needed!

You will learn:

  • how to cut through the noise so you can access your intuition anytime, any place.
  • That your cards have a language that is individual to you. Learn how to discover what they mean to YOU.
  • When you open yourself to your Tarot cards you open a new pathway to your intuition and a broader way of receiving and processing information.
  • How to use the Tarot as a meditation tool
  • Not only do you not need any knowledge about the Tarot cards, these techniques work even better when you haven't cluttered your mind with a teacher's or a book's interpretation.

In this e-course, you will receive 6 lessons over a period of two weeks, delivered to the convenience of your email's inbox. Plus you'll receive my monthly astrological and Tarot newsletter, Celestial Currents.

Here you will be kept up to date on the current astrological weather conditions so you can move in harmony with the Universe - and become more efficient and minimize frustration in the process.

And you will see how Tarot imagery works with astrology to deepen your understanding about the way the cosmic forces will play out.

Lastly, you'll be the first to learn about my upcoming broadcasts on Blogtalk radio, teleseminars, and more, all packed with solid information to help you become even sharper sail through the winds of change or just the day-to-day showers.

Not to mention that you will receive subscribers' only discounts good for private consultations, classes and other services.
And if Celestial Currents is not to your liking, you can unsubscribe anytime.

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