Tarot, Intuition and a Hot Cup of Tea With a Wise, Old Friend


The Amazing Magic of Tarot

3 Tarot Examples

Isn't it wonderful when you sit down with an old, trusted friend? You find it easy to confide in her because she is warm, wise and open. Such a true friend never judges you--she only has your best interests at heart.

You carry higher wisdom within you. It is accessed through your unconscious mind where it is also called "intuition." Your intuition is very wise--often picking up clues before you are consciously aware of them. Because your intuition is part of you, it always has your best interests at heart.

Dr. Judith Orloff, Laura Day, and others point out that the communication that you receive from your intuition will never put you down. When you receive messages that are hurtful or fearful, they are not coming from intuition.

Divination techniques such as Tarot work by giving you access to parts of the human mind that resides in the unconscious to give you a broader perspective and access to your intuitive abilities.

Nonetheless, many people are frightened by Tarot cards. They have heard admonitions against using them, or they misunderstand and think that the cards are going to hand down some terrible, unalterable fate.

There is a common misconception held by many that using Tarot and other forms of divination are intended to be as tools for an all-knowing seer to "tell the future."

Nothing could be less true.

The Tarot cards themselves are merely images on cardboard, inert, until you imbue them with meaning.

The Tarot images work as a direct line to your intuition. They are an intricate system of image and symbol, "hieroglyphs from the soul" in the words of Robert M. Place, acclaimed expert and historian of Western mystical tradition.

Because your unconscious mind frequently picks up clues before your conscious mind is even aware, your intuition can alert you before you are consciously aware. When this is reflected by the Tarot imagery, the effect seems magical. But you are only paying attention to your intuition's signals.

Because you are working with your intuition, the actual experience of using Tarot is akin to sitting down and having a hot cup of tea with that trusted, old friend. This is true whether you choose to work with an experienced reader or on your own.

And just as you would when asking advice from a trusted friend, you can use Tarot as a tool to gain the insight and guidance necessary to create the future that you desire.

As you work with the Tarot cards you will find that their imagery speaks a special language to you. That language is based on your experience and the meaning that you bring both consciously and unconsciously. As you learn that language your experience will deepen.

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