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The Amazing Magic of Tarot

Sometimes I like to get some quick input into a situation. So it can be useful to take out the Tarot cards to get a heads up or a bird's eye view.

Here are three actual examples.

Recently, I hired a man with a truck to help me move items out of my storage unit. I was curious to see what the cards would tell me. I just picked cards quickly--this was not intended to be a formal exercise.

The Hermit represented me and The Magician represented him.

How perfect.

I had been looking for someone who could help me move the furniture at a reasonable price. The Hermit's image shows a man dressed in white carrying a lantern as he walks alone on a mountain path. Like the Hermit, I was searching also.

The Magician represents someone who is versatile, with many skills and the ability to get things done. (The Magician can also be fast-talker, too).

He had the tools and expertise to make it happen (it was truly amazing how well he packed everything and got so much into his small vehicle).

It also turns out that he is adept at repairing things, too. So, like the Magician, he is versatile and skillful.

Second example:

A friend was having difficulty getting paid by one of her clients. Her client was not responding to her phone calls and messages. Before ratcheting up the pressure, she wanted to get additional information.

We pulled two cards quickly. The card representing my friend was The Chariot which shows a charioteer in his chariot driving two sphinxes forward. The card represents the force of will.

The card representing the client was The Four of Swords. This card shows a warrior laying eyes closed and face-up atop a casket in a thick-walled room with a stained glass window.

The story was crystal clear even to my friend who had no background working with the Tarot. Her client was sitting on her money and had little intention of paying.

That was the impetus for my friend to play some hard-ball. It worked and she finally got paid.

Third example:

A young woman wanted advice about a relationship. She was head-over-heels with her boyfriend, but she was frustrated because she felt she was doing all of the emotional work, but getting little in return.

The card representing the relationship in the reading was the 7 of Cups, representing illusion. The card that represented her boyfriend was the Page of Wands who was facing away from her card, The Queen of Pentacles.

The pictures told the story very clearly.

She was the 'grownup' in the relationship. But the relationship itself was nothing more than her hopes and dreams. The boyfriend was 'just not that into her.'

In these three everyday situations, the Tarot's images were clear. The information was helpful to confirm the subject's take on the situation or give the subject valuable insight.

This is why it is very helpful to work with the cards yourself and discover the language it speaks to you.

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